ide jön számkódbevitel

I’m looking at the artefact!

But it’s locked behind a glass case.

I sent you the circuit diagram; if you can get the key from there I’ll be able to disable it. Once you have it, send it to me over here.

If you need me to explain how it works, you can ask for help.


The panels have areas with digital numbers, we must follow the circuits by adding or subtracting the numbers in these areas until we end up creating the correct number. Here is an example:

If you need more help, type HINT 2.

hint 2

If they are subtracted, we will remove the matching bars and then continue along the cable path.

If you want me to help you obtain more numbers, type HINT 3.

hint 3

I have obtained another one of these numbers, I have worked it out like this:

If you want me to finish obtaining the numbers, type SOLUTION.


GLASS CASE DISABLED! The number was 28341.

We will keep looking for the temple from this link.